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How to set up your own Dropshipping Business?

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

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What is Dropshipping?

Now a days, E-commerce business has become the most business platform for the businessmen to grow business digitally and has involved in every aspect of business by means of different platform such as Google Shoping Facebook Shoping, Amzon and Flipkart, so on, which again requires enough investment for running business.

Here a less investment business model has came along the way of Ecommrece business which is called Dropshipping and aslo known as Ecommerce Dropshipping.

In current scenario, There are millions of Ecommerces are in the world and 20% of these are from Dropshipping business. Dropshipping business has approached small scale business which requires a less investment.

Dropshipping is an order fulfilment method in which owner doesn’t need to purchase inventory of product or a maintain inventory. Dropshipping allows owner to full fill orders by third party supplier to ship order direct to the customer. So Dropshipping is kind of triangular connection between customer, Product supplier and owner. In exchange of passive deals between customer and supplier, owner will get marginal benefit per unique order. Margin will be set upon actual prize and selling prize which will decided by the owner or seller to cover benefit.

How does Drop Shipping Works?

You are thinking that how is possible? Don't worry, I'll get it simple for you and Its so easy process to set up your Dropshipping business. Read this article to the end. Lets get started...

First of all You have to set up your store with help of Dropshipping hoster such as Shopify and Big commerce. Shopify allows you to set your own store by getting shopify. There are plenty of platforms where you can set your Dropshipping store.

Then, You just have to select trendy product that you want to sell and next step is to find appropriate supplier of that particular product.

After deciding the products, You have to list the products in your store with selling prize and product features. Here important note is that you have to calculate your margin and commission before finalising your selling prize. Selling prize may varies with the deals you made with your supplier.

After setting up your store with help of Dropshipping hoster, You will get orders from the customer and these orders will automatically transferred to your Supplier. Supplier will get notified with the orders details and start preparing orders.

Now, Supplier will ship that order directly to the customer doorstep with the help of associated courier service provider.

Here, You will get few Dropshipping platform on which you can set your own eCommerce store:

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Thanks For giving your precious time for reading this article.

I hope it will help you to grow your Dropshipping business.

If you have query then ask me in comment section.

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