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3 easy ways to earn money from Whatsapp Business

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

It's not that surprised that people are using different types of app to communicate with their loved once, family, friends and co-workers so on. We all know Whatsapp is one of them and used by whole world. But idea is still stayed blurred that we are using Whatsapp as communication tool.

Other than that few people knew that we can earn extra money from Whatsapp. If you are going to start new business, Whatsapp business will give you tremendous earning benefits.

Why Whatsapp Business is important?

Whatsapp has launched a similar app named Whatsapp Business which has special features same as E-commerce website like Amazon and Flipkart such as labels 'New Customer, New order, Pending payment, Paid, Order complete".

It is so easy to organized your own business by Whatsapp business with their special features. You just have to label a specific contact number for which contact is from New order, Pending order and as well as paid or pending payment. You will get your payment by means of other online payment mode such as google pay, Paytm etc.

Here, I am going to explain 3 important ways to earn money from Whatsapp business .

1. By selling your own or reseller products

Your are thinking that how is it going to happen. It is so easy. First you need to prepare a list of products you want to sell or contact with reseller who provides products you want to sell. According your product, target your audience from whatsapp group, family members, co-workers and also from friends of friends.

Prepare your product's photos, features and prize and share it to your whatsapp group. Make sure that your product is having good in material and trust worthy to buy, because customer satisfaction is prime parameter to build trust visa-versa.

If you will start getting orders then you have to fulfill orders by your ends or by means of  private courier service provider, so you need to contact with private courier service companies. So on you can set up your own business by whatsapp business app.

2. Join Affiliate Marketing programs

You can earn money from affiliate marketing medium such amazon affiliate, flipkart affiliate program. You just need to sign up for amazon or flipkart affiliate program. And its a free sign up, so you don't need to pay for joining affiliate program. Next you have to select product from amazon or flipkart association that you want to sell, below the product just click and copy your affiliate link for your selected product.

Now share this link with your whatsapp groups, family members and friends. if anyone open this link and buy product, you will get commission from amazon or flipkart for that order. So on, You can earn money by just sharing affiliate link.

3. From Youtube channel

Now days, It has become the trend to show your skill to someone by means of visual gesture, Which only can be done by the social media such as YouTube, Facebook and other social media.

Here i am going to explain how can we earn from YouTube . For this, its better that you have your own Youtube channel. You can make a video based on your interest, skills, study tutorial and life hakes etc. You just need to upload your video on your Youtube channel and copy a link for that specific video and share it to your whatsapp group.

You will get money based on how much views that video has on your channel. All in all you will get money from both the way YouTube and whatsapp business. It is simplest way to earn money from YouTube.

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